Sarah stays very busy in her community work assignments through the DAC. Sarah cleans at several local businesses including the university café, the senior community center, and the nursing home.

Her favorite job is working at the university because of the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people. She also performs work assignments onsite at the DAC in the Retail Crafts Department.

Sarah enjoys being a part of the DAC and says that her job coach, Pat, “understands my disability and works with me on my goals.” DAC staff have described Sarah as being a good worker, creative, prompt, and versatile. She demonstrates patience with co-workers who struggle with a greater level of disability than she does. Sarah says staff at the DAC are “easy to talk to” and that “[they] encourage me in my strengths.”

Sarah feels that being a client at the DAC has benefited her personally and professionally. Through job coaching and her work assignments, “my work ethic has improved.”

Sarah says, “[Staff at the DAC] are easy to talk to. [They] encourage me in my strengths.”

Sarah enjoys her family and likes to spend part of her earnings on her nieces. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys cross-stitching, bike rides and participating in a local fund-raising event (Relay for Life).

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